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by ryan on September 15, 2016


Cover Letter Help


Create a Killer Cover Letter in Five Easy Steps

If you have come here for cover letter help to create a cover letter, you are in the right place.

We will take you by the hand, and, in five easy steps, we will help you to create a killer cover letter that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd of covers and resumes and get noticed.

Cover Letter Templates:





If you have come looking for sample cover letters and templates, to copy and paste and use as is, we hope that going thru this site will help you to change your course of action for the better.Because, copy paste no longer works. A Cover Letter is not a formality.

Most recruiters just dont have the time to go thru your resume in detail. A properly crafted and well structured cover letter will give you an unfair advantage over other job aspirants by grabbing attention and by forming that crucial good first impression.

We do have a couple of sample cover letters, but these are to show the cover letter templates that we have used and to give you an idea of the final look and structure of your cover letter after using our cover letter generator.

Our cover letter generator is the core of this site. Drawing upon the ideas of Jimmy Sweeney, the foremost expert in the field and creator of the bestselling ACL, we have created a simple, easy to use, online program to help you create your cover letter in five easy steps:

Research the Organisation and Vacancy

Fill the Cover Letter Form

Check the generated Cover Letter draft for any errors, improvements, spelling mistakes

Format the draft – Sentence Case, Capitals, Bold, italics, font

Convert to Word/Pdf and save/print

The years of experience that have made ACL the bestselling product that it is, have been condensed to create this free cover letter generator. The ideas behind each part of the cover letter and the reasons and details, are covered in our free three part “Simple Cover Letters” ecourse.

Using our free cover letter generator, you can create a killer cover letter. To keep things simple, we have used only two templates and and a handfull of the tips and techniques of ACL in this site.

We sincerely feel that, to stand out from the rest , one has to constantly strive to improve oneself and keep improving the quality of one’s output.

A wonderfull way to do that in your job search is to continually fine tune your resume and cover letters.

After using our cover letter generator, you will have sufficient exposure to our techniques to create a killer cover letter. And you can study these techniques in greater depth and improve your cover letters tremondously by using ACL.

Do remember that there are different types of cover letters as explained in our ecourse. ACL leads you through the steps required for creating all the different types of Cover Letters. But the first and foremost is the cover letter that you use to forward your resume to apply for a specific job vacancy. So let us start with creating one.


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