How To Write A Target Cover Letter

by ryan on September 30, 2016


How To Write A Target Cover Letters


A cover letter for a targeted approach to an organisation which is known to be expanding but has not advertised specifically, needs a slightly different approach.


You can often beat others to a new opportunity when you have discovered that a firm or business is expanding or relocating or has announced a new product development plan.

Companies will take some time before formulating the final job descriptions of new people they will need because of the conditions mentioned above.

What is certain though, is that the need is pressing in somebody’s mind and if you can make a targeted approach using the sample cover letter as a template, you just might find the job waiting for you!

Target Cover Letter Templates :






Target Cover Letter – Direct Approach

12 Sandy Lane

Mr Simon Lanstone
Managing Director
Blankwell Corporation Limited

1 Rockington Lane

16 November 2006

Dear Mr Lanstone

With more than ten years experience in Sales and Marketing in the widget industry, I have successfully launched and promoted several new products. I am writing to you concerning my interest in the Blank Corporation as I believe there are several areas in which I could help to strengthen your market share.

In brief, I am familiar with all aspects of international sales, establishing new channels, selection of agents, dealing with import/export regulations, as well as presenting at trade shows. In 2005, I recruited and trained six sales people in Europe, and the following year company sales increased by an astounding 67%. I also negotiated new distributors in Europe and expanded the company’s customer base by more than 50%.

Your recently advertised expansion into Eastern Europe interests me as I feel my experience and language fluency could make an enormous difference to your sales team, and thus ensure the success of this expansion.

I would be grateful if you would take a brief call from me later this week to give me your reactions and perhaps arrange to discuss my ideas.

Yours sincerely
Sarah McDowall

Target Cover Letter Tip:

Target letters like the one above have very particular rules to follow if they are going to work for you.

1. It must be addressed to a named person at sufficiently high level in the organization. I suggest you look for the name of the person who would be your bosses boss if you worked for them. This means a decision can be taken at high enough in the organization.

2. Give reasons for the contact based on your knowledge (i.e. research) of the company’s business activities.

3. Align your skills and knowledge to specific issues that you consider they have based on your skills; outline benefits of input from you.

4. Keep it brief

5. Ask for a meeting to discuss the issues you’ve identitied.

6. Think of this approach as submitting a proposal NOT a job application.

7. You must be prepared to follow up with a phone call to get a meeting arranged or at least have a preliminary discussion.


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