How To Write Your CV Cover Letter


How To Write Your CV Cover Letter


How to write compelling CV cover letters that demand attention.

Asking for what you want can be tough no matter what it is. What you should do is to gift-wrap your CV by including a well-written letter on matching quality paper (black print on white paper is ideal), but make sure you keep your career change cover letter to one page only. First you must read and re-read the advert so carefully that when you construct your CV cover letter it very clearly says to the reader: “a candidate who shows she understands what we want”

Cover Letter Template:



Your letter must convey your interest, confidence and competence to the reader who may be ploughing through hundreds of similar applications. If yours is the same as all the others, what’s going to make them select you?

First off, you must Grab their attention so PLEASE say in your covering letters that you’re interested in the job (hardly anyone ever does!!)

Then talk about what you know about the employer and not just yourself; illustrate your points clearly by using your skills stories, to show exactly how your experience and skills fit their demand. Be very careful to comply with all of their instructions. I must also clear up a point my students always raise – when the advert says “apply in writing” it means write to us, don’t ring us. Now, before you send everything off in the post, take one more look at your CV.

How good is it? Is it a ‘plant-pot’ or is it an up-beat, positive and interesting document? Is it clearly laid out in a way that looks attractive and easy to read? Will it beat the competition or let the competition through? You can master the art of writing a great CV cover letter quite easily if you follow the layout guidelines I’ve given. Don’t feel too constrained though – why not experiment with words and see what you like best.

4 NEW Cover Letter Templates: