Killer Cover Letter Creator and Templates

by ryan on December 22, 2017


Killer Cover Letter Creator and Templates


Be as thorough as you want to be … go through my comprehensive Killer Cover Letter Generator Bible and learn everything I know.

However, if you’re in a hurry, I’m not going to make you pick through my entire guide (which is what every other product makes you do and then leaves you hanging with a blank screen and nothing to do about it) in order to create a custom winning cover letter.



To make your cover letter writing experience easier I designed just for you my NEW paint-by-numbers click-and-print, fill-in-the-blank Killer Cover Letter Creator available only on my special, exclusive, instant-access, members-only web page that I’ll unleash to you once you’ve invested in this system.

I should probably sell this one powerful piece on its own, but for now this exclusive took is available for you to instantly and effortlessly create a winning cover letter every time.

You don’t need to download a thing. I took my personal program designed just for me, hired a sharp programmer and built a rock solid cover letter creator that you can access from any internet browser.

I kind of look at my system as two major components. The first is the cover letter bible which will help you answer every single question and allow you to use all of it’s information. If you were to read it cover to cover, you would be an absolute expert and could start up your own cover letter writing service … if you’re interested 🙂

However, if you don’t want to become an expert and simply have a few questions before you get started, then you can use my cover letter bible to answer the occasional question and then use my creator to get it done as fast as you need.

Most other products offer you only one or the other and often at a much higher cost, but I am offering you both, wound up in a nice neat package that I’ve perfected over the last 12 years.

You’ve heard the saying … “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life.” I use both of those principles with you. I will give you everything you need.

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