Write Your Acceptance Letter

by ryan on September 22, 2016


How To Write Your Acceptance Letter


This is a great letter to write but not everyone knows where to start or what to include so here is an example of an Acceptance Letter.


As you follow it through you will see that I have explained what comes when – all you have to do is replace this text with the conditions that apply to the terms of your new position.

It also brings out into the open any misunderstandings over those terms, so that they can be addressed before you start your new position.

Acceptance Letter Templates





Text Templates Samples

Mr. Peter Perfection
77 Sunset Strip
Sometown PA

Dear Mr. Perfection

Many thanks for the offer of the position at Alto Corp. as Executive Consultant which I am delighted to accept.

Next, restate the contract provisions as you understand them. They may include salary, location, benefits, or any other items.

I understand I will be joining the business performance group and the commencing salary will be $42,000 working 8.00 until 6.00. My primary location will be downtown Philadelphia. You will provide me with a new compact sedan auto and I will receive three weeks paid annual vacation leave.

Restate any instructions you were given in their acceptance letter to you.

I will report to the Managing Consultant on Monday 21st April at 8.00 for further instructions.

Finally, end with a statement of your happiness at the opportunity to join the company.

Thank you again, I look forward to joining Alto and becoming part of the continued success that the firm represents.

Yours Most Sincerely,

Michael Mutley
1 Sandringham Boulevard
What Town, LA 43215


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